Peace Festival

The Peace Group of Schools and Colleges focus not only on the academics of the children but also on co curricular activities . For the last four years the group is arranging a sport festival this festival continuous for three days. All the campuses make preparation for the festival and the students are given opportunities to show their talents in the sport of their choice the games that are played in the festival are Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basket ball, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Athletics.

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The Peace Group of Schools & Colleges has given birth to a unique and beautiful tradition of all times that is known as The Peace Festival in The Peace system.

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The Peace festival offers students different games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Basketball, Tug of war and Badminton.


It is basically a practical training camp for the students. It is the training to develop moral values, patience, consistency and hard work.

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